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motor installation services

Motor installation covers almost half of our daily garage door repair services in this town. This shows it is one of the most commonly experienced problems and should be taken with seriousness and urgency at all times. If you fear the cost new door installation it is therefore important to counter the motor problems in good time to avoid more damages to the garage door. Just as the case with broken spring, motor issues need to be handled by a professional who has the right skills and experience. Such specialists are now near you and can reach you at any given time within minutes upon request. Irvington garage door repair and installation experts are located in local stores near you to enhance 24/7 and reliable emergency services. Our technicians are experienced with different types of motors and they are the right choice to fix yours. After motor installation, we offer free maintenance and inspection guidelines to help the client take care of the motor. In most cases the motor break due to wear and tear or poor maintenance practices. Being one of the moving parts of the door the motor should be lubricated properly to reduce friction which causes fast wearing out. It is also important to ensure the motor is powered correctly to avoid mechanical failures as a result of power. Call us any time you need motor services and we will serve you to full satisfaction.