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broken spring repair

Right from the new door installation to spring adjustment and door testing, the garage or home owner should ensure that quality is maintained to avoid future problems and expenses. Some contractors are very selfish and would install weak spring to save money for themselves the spring will bring easily due to overloading. It is therefore important to check everything for yourself no matter how much you trust the contractor. Experts at Irvington garage door repair are very keen on factors that contribute to broken springs and always warn the clients against such.

These factors include:

  • Overloading- If the spring in use is weak, the massive weight of the garage door will overcome it and eventually will break. In this case a stronger spring should be used or use two springs to share the weight of the door.
  • Poor maintenance- the spring should be oiled to avoid rust which causes the spring to break. Coating the spring or greasing the spring would give it a longer life.
  • Wear and tear- This comes as a result of the normal use of the garage door though it can be prevented by only opening the garage door only when necessary and preventing the kids from playing with the door.

Contact us today and our technicians will join you in less than twenty minutes and replace you spring in addition to inspecting and correcting other defects.